Observation Through Meditation

Oh birds from heaven where art thou this morn
Fly to my feeding ground oh birds that I adorn
I cast out your portion as God does mine own
Oh black birds come in that I may adorn

I see the hawk flying high up over head
A circling round my black birds as if they are prey
Oh yes I must remember he is God’s creation too
And he too must be fed as my black birds and I do

Quickly my black birds grasp their piece of life
While watching and waiting and ready for flight
When all of a sudden the preditor swoops in
To grasp the weakest and fly off into the wind

The beauty of your creation Lord, can only be observed
In the quietness of my meditation and seeking those things observed
Come teach me this morning and fill my cup with your love
And help me see the joy you promised in your living word

I Love You Father,

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